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Anno: 2017
Stato: Terminata
Network: Tencent Video
Followers: 7 utenti

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The Eternal Love is set in the fictional Dong Yue Empire where the princes fight for the throne. Due to some mystical force, Qu Tan Er develops two different personalities: she occasionally switches from gentle and reserved to uncivilized and bold. She is being offered to the 8th Prince Mo Lian Cheng for marriage, but Lian Cheng is suspicious of Tan Er’s relationship with the Eldest Prince Mo Yi Huai for whom she once tried to commit suicide. Nonetheless, Tan Er slowly manages to gain his trust with her bold and bubbly personality and the two end up falling deeply in love. However, her other gentle personality is still yearning for the Eldest Prince and wishes to help him become emperor…
Stagione 1
Stagione 2
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Zhong Qi
Come: Qu Pan Er

Wang Rui Chang
Come: Mo Yi Huai

Liang Jie
Come: Qu Tan Er / Xiao Tan

Xing Zhao Lin
Come: Mo Lian Cheng

Xin Rui Qi
Come: Zhao Qing Yun

Hu Chun Yong
Come: Yu Hao

Chen You Wei
Come: Liu Shang

Liao Hui Jia
Come: Lan Ye Xi

Sun Yi Ning
Come: Jing Xin

Wang Hao Ge
Come: Mo Jing Xuan

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