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Anno: 2018
Stato: Terminata
Network: Tencent Video
Followers: 1 utenti
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Three Kingdoms Secret focuses on the power struggle between Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty (Ma Tian Yu) and powerful warlord Cao Cao (Tse Kwan Ho). The story begins with the birth of Consort Wang’s twin sons Liu Xie (Emperor Xian) and Liu Ping, both played by Ma Tianyu. To protect her children from the scheming Empress He, Consort Wang raises Liu Xie in the palace, and orders a trusted servant to secretly take Liu Ping out of the palace. Eighteen years later, the weak-willed and sickly Liu Xie orders his brother back to the Capital, and Liu Ping is tasked with replacing Liu Xie as Emperor and saving the Han Dynasty. Cao Cao’s cunning advisor Guo Jia (Sunny Wang) begins to suspect Liu Ping’s true identity, though with the help of Sima Yi (Elvis Han) and Empress Fu Shou (Wan Qian), Liu Ping manages to hold his ground against the ambitious Cao family.
Stagione 1
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Dong Jie
Come: Tang Ying

Ma Tian Yu
Come: Liu Xie / Liu Ping

Wan Qian
Come: Fu Shou

Elvis Han
Come: Sima Yi

Wang Ren Jun
Come: Xun Yu

Tu Nan
Come: Man Chong

Na Ren Hua
Come: Dong Tai Wei

Shu Yao Xuan
Come: Jia Xu

Li Jian Yi
Come: Zhang Yu

Wang Yu Wen
Come: Cao Jie

Tan Jian Ci
Come: Cao Pi

Xie Jun Hao
Come: Cao Cao

Dong Xuan
Come: Ren Hong Chang

Wang Yang Ming
Come: Guo Jia

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