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Anno: 2017
Stato: Terminata
Network: KBS TV2
Followers: 16 utenti

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Everyone has a memory of an unrequited love. Most of the time, unrequited love ends in embarrassment. However, unrequited love isn’t all that bad. It can be sweet and it can make your heart flutter. There is a man who has been in love with a woman for a very long time. They aren’t lovers nor are they just friends. After giving up his dream to become a track athlete, he couldn’t go to college. He spent three years doing nothing and another three studying for the civil servant exam. Now, a week before her wedding, he travels back and forth in time in order to gain the heart of the one he loves.
Stagione 1
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Come: Jo Suk-Tae

Jung Hye-Seong
Come: Yoon Jin-Sook

Come: Kang Soo-Jin

Kim Jae-Joong
Come: Bong-Pil

Jang Mi-Kwan
Come: Park Jae-Hyun

Kang Hong-Suk
Come: Yoo Goo-Gil

Kim Min-Ji
Come: Hong Jung-Ae

Lee Sang-Yi
Come: Oh Dal-Soo

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