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Anno: 1986
Stato: Terminata
Network: NBC
Followers: 2 utenti

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This is the story of Peter I, Tsar of Russia from 1682, and the constant struggle between him, his sister Sophia and the Streltsy, an important Russian military corp. The story depicts the efforts of Peter in transforming Russia in an "all European" country, importing scientists, costumes, technology and military tactics.
Stagione 1
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Burkhard Heyl
Come: Count Piper

Christoph Eichhorn
Come: Karl XII, King of Sweden

Denis DeMarne
Come: Old Peter the Great

Elke Sommer
Come: Charlotte

Geoffrey Whitehead
Come: Prince Vasily Golitsyn

Graham McGrath
Come: 10 Year Old Peter

Heinz Weiss
Come: Austrian doctor

Helmut Griem
Come: Alexander Menshikov

Jan Malmsjö
Come: Patriarch

Jan Niklas
Come: Young Peter the Great

Jeremy Kemp
Come: Col. Patrick Gordon

Lilli Palmer
Come: Natalya

Mel Ferrer
Come: Frederick

Mike Gwilym
Come: Shafirov

Natalya Andreychenko
Come: Eudoxia

Nikolay Lazarev
Come: Ivan

Olegar Fedoro
Come: Boyar Lopukhin

Renée Soutendijk
Come: Anna Mons

Tolly Thwaites
Come: Boy Alexis

Tolly Thwaites
Come: Boy Alexis

Ulli Philipp
Come: Louise

Ursula Andress
Come: Athalie

Walter Buschhoff
Come: Silvestre Mons

Laurence Olivier
Come: King William III of Orange

Maximilian Schell
Come: Peter the Great

Omar Sharif
Come: Prince Feodor Romodanovsky

Trevor Howard
Come: Sir Isaac Newton

Vanessa Redgrave
Come: Sophia

Günther Maria Halmer
Come: Count Tolstoy

Hanna Schygulla
Come: Catherine Skevronskaya

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