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Anno: 2017
Stato: In corso
Network: RTÉ One
Followers: 5 utenti

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Drama series set in the world of Ireland's legal system. Striking Out follows the tumultuous professional and personal life of Dublin-based solicitor, Tara Rafferty, and her fledgling legal firm. When Tara discovers, on her hen night, that her fiancé and fellow solicitor Eric Dunbar has been cheating on her with a colleague, she breaks up with him, quits her job at the prestigious law firm they worked at together, and sets about making her own way in a new life outside the inner circle of the legal profession. At first unsure how she'll cope, Tara begins to realize she is more than capable of being on her own - both personally and professionally.
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Amy Huberman
Come: Tara Rafferty

Neil Morrissey
Come: Vincent Pike

Nick Dunning
Come: Conrad Rafferty

Paul Antony-Barber
Come: Richard Dunbar

Rory Keenan
Come: Eric Dunbar

Rory Keenan
Come: Eric Dunbar

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