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Anno: 2016
Stato: In corso
Network: C31
Followers: 2 utenti

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Sonnigsburg: A supernatural drama. Sonnigsburg is a mystery; a town in the woods that hasn't been visited for seventy years. Or so the legend goes. Nearby is the town of Mount Sunshine – and it’s there that our main character, Savannah, stops on her way to research Sonnigsburg. Savannah’s ex, Jade, has called her out of the blue, eight years after breaking-up and desperate for help – but when Savannah arrives in town and her past begins to catch up with her, the history of the town begins to seep through the cracks and she realises that the residents of Mount Sunshine are all haunted in their own way.
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Stagione 1
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Ann Truong
Come: Savannah

Dushan Philips
Come: Ashan

Eryn Saunders
Come: Olivia

Ethan Oppy
Come: Michael

Gavin Williams
Come: Matt

Petra Elliott
Come: Jade

Sam Eddy
Come: Maxwell

Soren Jensen
Come: Norman

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