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Anno: 2016
Stato: Terminata
Network: Netflix
Followers: 9 utenti

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In "Winx Club WOW", the winxs embark on a journey through the world looking for talented young people in areas such as arts, music and science. As participants of the reality TV program WOW !, the Winx have to travel the world in a secret mission: to make the dreams of talented children come true! The boys and girls that they are have their own magic, and fairy Winx Club are delighted. With so much magic, the confusion is not slow, and Bloom and her friends are faced with a new and dangerous mystery. The Winx Club fans will love the new approach with more serialized stories and designed specifically for viewing on demand to subscribers of Netflix.
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Stagione 2
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Haven Paschall
Come: Bloom

Eileen Stevens
Come: Flora

Rebecca Soler
Come: Stella

Alysha Deslorieux
Come: Aisha

Kate Bristol
Come: Musa

Saskia Maarleveld
Come: Tecna

Jason Griffith
Come: Ace

Abe Goldfarb
Come: Matt Barrie

Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Come: Evans

Billy Bob Thompson
Come: Cliff

Billy Bob Thompson
Come: Smee

Brittany Pressley
Come: Queen/TinkerBell

Erica Schroeder
Come: Lorelei

Lisa Flanagan
Come: Venomya

Marc Thompson
Come: Jim/Captain Hook

Samara Naeymi
Come: Margot

Suzy Myers
Come: Roxy

Wayne Grayson
Come: Gomez

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