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Anno: 2016
Stato: Terminata
Network: Non disponibile
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The new YouTube series "GayOk Bangkok" which follows the lives of 6 Thai gay men has recently launched to encourage gents to keep their sexual health in check. The series is centered on the relationship and friendship drama between six gay men in Bangkok while delivering key gay-oriented health messages and keeping up engaging storylines. "GayOk Bangkok is the fruition of our aspiration to consistently reach young gay men with a new platform of information and interesting content featuring key health issues such as [the ones relating to] HIV testing and treatment,” said Midnight Poonkasetwattana, executive director of APCOM, the HIV-treatment advocating organization which produces the series. As a part of the HIV-testing campaign “TestBKK,” the series aims to represent Asian gay men and their stories, which are usually lacking in depth or are reduced to just a punchline in mainstream TV. It was co-produced by LGBT experts like Trasher, Thailand's famous LGBT filmmaker group and party organizer. The first episode "Trust," which was launched Monday, told the story of two gay best friends who find themselves competing with each other on gay dating apps. “The audience will see many relevant facets of gay storylines that will uncover myths relating to gay men and sexual health problems, among many other life difficulties they face on a daily basis. Even I myself gained a lot of new health knowledge from working on this [project],” said Kanit Piyapapharakun, one of the actors in the series. The series consist of five episodes, which are released weekly on TestBkk Youtube channel. English subtitles are available.
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