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Anno: 2016
Stato: Terminata
Network: NBC
Followers: 4 utenti

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Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge is a ports entertainment competition series based on the obstacle race of the same name. The series will bring people together in teams of five - two men, two women, and an "elite Spartan athlete" that will be picked by the show and serve as "team captain." The elite athlete will either be from the Spartan Pro Team or from a different field of expertise. Each team of five will be responsible for getting their teammates through mud, water and, barbed wire, culminating with an attempt to conquer the dreaded Slip Wall for a shot at $250,000. Dhani Jones and Kyle Martino host with Evan Dollard and MJ Acosta as course reporters.
Stagione 1
Stagione 2
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Dhani Jones
Come: Host (Season 1)

Kyle Martino
Come: Host (Season 1)

Apolo Ohno
Come: Host (Season 2)

Kelvin Washington
Come: Host (Season 2)

MJ Acosta
Come: Sideline Reporter

Evan Dollard
Come: Course Reporter (Season 1)

Nick Swisher
Come: Course Reporter (Season 2)

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