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Anno: 2016
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC Three
Followers: 438 utenti

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This tense psychological drama follows the story of Ivy Moxham, a 26-year-old woman learning to live again after 13 years in captivity. When Ivy escapes the cellar that’s been her prison since she was abducted, it’s just the start of her story. She’s beginning to pick up the threads of a life half-lived, but they’re about to be pulled apart again. Her captor is on the run, and as cracks appear in Ivy’s account of her ordeal, the police begin to doubt her motives. What happened in that cellar? And can Ivy really be trusted?
Stagione 1
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Jodie Comer
Come: Ivy Moxam

Natasha Little
Come: Christina Moxam

Stuart Graham
Come: Angus Moxam

Katherine Rose Morley
Come: Emma Moxam

Joe Layton
Come: Craig Watts

Richard Rankin
Come: D.I. Elliott Carne

Valene Kane
Come: D.S. Lisa Merchant

Eleanor Wyld
Come: Eloise Wye

Aneurin Barnard
Come: Tim Hobson

Colin Mace
Come: DS Harold Winters

Joanna Hole
Come: Dr. Erica Young

Nicholas Farrell
Come: Henry Stone

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