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Anno: 2016
Stato: Terminata
Network: VTM
Followers: 2 utenti

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In an ideal world law and justice are the same. A criminal commits a crime against a victim and justice makes sure scandals are balanced. The offender gets his punishment and the victim gets compensated for his suffering. Unfortunately, reality is quite different. That is why justice is wearing her blindfold for centuries. Big frauds go free and petty thiefs are handled hard. Offenders walk because of procedural mistakes and victims stand in the cold. Justice can be really unjust. Coppers is about the federal police, seeking for this justice.
Stagione 1
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Hilde De Baerdemaeker
Come: Liese Meerhout

Luk Wyns
Come: Michel Masson

Lotte Pinoy
Come: Sofie Jacobs

Abigail Abraham
Come: Baïna Mpenzi

Arnold Willems
Come: Paul Meerhout

Bert Verbeke
Come: Laurent Vandenbergh

Gert Winckelmans
Come: Benoit Nollet

Joris Hessels
Come: Fabian Steppe

Mathias Sercu
Come: Pierre Bouwens

Robbie Cleiren
Come: Freddy Steveniers

Rudy Morren
Come: Frank Torfs

Sura Dohnke
Come: Sura Droste

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