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Anno: 2002
Stato: In corso
Network: Network Ten
Followers: 2 utenti

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TEN’s spectacular new family entertainment series is set on the stunning and rugged South Pacific island of Samoa, where contestants will be deprived of basic comforts and must build their own shelter, light their own fires, gather their own food and fend for themselves. Australian Survivor sees 24 tough and tenacious people marooned on a tropical island with little more than the clothes on their backs and the drive to be the sole survivor.
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Sarah Ayles
Come: Sarah Ayles

Matty Farrelly
Come: Matty Farrelly

John Eastoe
Come: John Eastoe

Susie Maroney
Come: Susie Maroney

Steven Bradbury
Come: Steven Bradbury

Andrew Ettingshausen
Come: ET

Ross Clarke-Jones
Come: Ross Clarke-Jones

Janine Allis
Come: Janine Allis

Simon Black
Come: Simon Black

Nova Peris
Come: Nova Peris

Pia Miranda
Come: Pia Miranda

Abbey Holmes
Come: Abbey Holmes

Anastasia Woolmer
Come: Anastasia Woolmer

Hannah Pentreath
Come: Hannah Pentreath

Andrew Meldrum
Come: Andrew Meldrum

Baden Gilbert
Come: Baden Gilbert

Casey Hawkins
Come: Casey Hawkins

Daisy Richardson
Come: Daisy Richardson

Harry Hills
Come: Harry Hills

Laura Choong
Come: Laura Choong

Samantha Schoers
Come: Samantha Schoers

Shaun Hampson
Come: Shaun Hampson

David Genat
Come: David Genat

Matt Dyson
Come: Matt Dyson

Anita Berkett
Come: Anita Berkett

Steve Willis
Come: Steve Willis

Jenna Austin
Come: Jenna Austin

Brian Lake
Come: Brian Lake

Tegan Gasior
Come: Tegan Gasior

Steve Khouw
Come: Steve Khouw

Paige Kerin
Come: Paige Kerin

Benji Wilson
Come: Benji Wilson

Shonee Fairfax
Come: Shonee Fairfax

Shane Gould
Come: Shane Gould

Moana Hope
Come: Moana Hope

Monika Radulovic
Come: Monika Radulovic

Samuel Hinton
Come: Samuel Hinton

Mat Rogers
Come: Mat Rogers

Damien Thomlinson
Come: Damien Thomlinson

Russell Hantz
Come: Russell Hantz

Zach Kozyrski
Come: Zach Kozyrski

Jackie Glazier
Come: Jackie Glazier

Robbie Skibicki
Come: Robbie Skibicki

Lydia Lassila
Come: Lydia Lassila

Fenella McGowan
Come: Fenella McGowan

Sharn Coombs
Come: Sharn Coombs

Heath Davies
Come: Heath Davies

Tessa O'Halleran
Come: Tessa O'Halleran

Tara Pitt
Come: Tara Pitt

Sarah Tilleke
Come: Sarah Tilleke

Samantha Gash
Come: Samantha "Sam" Gash

Peter Conte
Come: Peter Conte

Odette Blacklock
Come: Odette Blacklock

Nicola Zagame
Come: Nicola "Ziggy" Zagame

Michelle Dougan
Come: Michelle Dougan

Mark Wales
Come: Mark Wales

Mark Herlaar
Come: Mark "Tarzan" Herlaar

Luke Toki
Come: Luke Toki

Locklan Gilbert
Come: Locklan "Locky" Gilbert

Kent Nelson
Come: Kent Nelson

Kate Temby
Come: Kate Temby

Joan Caballero
Come: Joan Caballero

Jericho Malabonga
Come: Jericho Malabonga

Jarrad Seng
Come: Jarrad Seng

Jacqui Patterson
Come: Jacqui Patterson

Henry Nicholson
Come: Henry Nicholson

Ben Morgan
Come: Ben Morgan

Anneliese Wilson
Come: Anneliese Wilson

Aimee Stanton
Come: Aimee Stanton

Adam Parkin
Come: Adam Parkin

Aaron Knight
Come: Aaron "AK" Knight

Tegan Haining
Come: Tegan Haining

Sue Clarke
Come: Sue Clarke

Sam Webb
Come: Sam Webb

Rohan MacLaren
Come: Rohan MacLaren

Phoebe Timmins
Come: Phoebe Timmins

Peter Fiegehen
Come: Peter Fiegehen

Nick Iadanza
Come: Nick Iadanza

Matt Tarrant
Come: Matt Tarrant

Lee Carseldine
Come: Lee Carseldine

Kylie Evans
Come: Kylie Evans

Kristie Bennett
Come: Kristie Bennett

Kate Campbell
Come: Kate Campbell

Katherine "Kat" Dumont
Come: Kat Dumont

Jennah-Louise Salkeld
Come: Jennah-Louise Salkeld

Felicity "Flick" Egginton
Come: Flick Egginton

Evan Jones
Come: Evan Jones

Elena "El" Rowland
Come: El Rowland

Des Quilty
Come: Des Quilty

Craig I'Anson
Come: Craig I'Anson

Conner Bethune
Come: Conner Bethune

Brooke Jowett
Come: Brooke Jowett

Bianca Anderson
Come: Bianca Anderson

Barry Lea
Come: Barry Lea

Andrew Torrens
Come: Andrew Torrens

Jonathan LaPaglia
Come: Host

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