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Anno: 2015
Stato: Terminata
Network: KBS TV1
Followers: 2 utenti

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Even though Oh Bom is in a difficult financial situation, she is still bright and positive. She works part-time work at a factory. Kang Ma Roo is a kind and simple young man. He is naive about the world. An Tae-Ho is the section chief of a company. He is an ambitious man. He approaches Choi Ah Ran for his own gain and marries her. Choi Ah Ran is the heiress of a large company. She is smart, but has a painful past. Her younger sister went missing and her parents abandoned her.
Stagione 1
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Lee Jae-Joon
Come: Kang Ma-Roo

Song Ji-Eun
Come: Oh Bom

Kim Min-Soo
Come: An Tae-Ho

Seo Yi-An
Come: Choi A-Ran

Kim Yu-Seok
Come: Ahn Gil-Soo

Lee Young-Ha
Come: Choi Jung-Gi

Choi Myoung-Gil
Come: Bae Gook-Hee

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