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Anno: 2015
Stato: Terminata
Network: TNT Serie
Followers: 2 utenti

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Between forests and hills, the river Ahr meanders through a mystical, foggy autumn landscape. Amidst this idyll a man awakens in the middle of a vineyard. He does not know who he is, where he is or how he came to be here. Next to him is a dead young woman lying among the vines. As a foreigner in the secluded town in the Ahr valley he enters an archaic village community, which seems to keep a secret from him.
Stagione 1
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Friedrich Mücke
Come: Der Held

Arved Birnbaum
Come: Zepter

Antje Traue
Come: Hanna Zepter

Martin Kiefer
Come: Brehme

Oliver Marlo
Come: Beckmann

Max Mauff
Come: Kirk

Emilia Rosa von Heiseler
Come: Lisa

Gudrun Landgrebe
Come: Dr. Wieland

Anna Böttcher
Come: Bärbel Delfi

Marcel Glauche
Come: Matt Schreiber

Arnd Klawitter
Come: Markus Schreiber

Laura Tonke
Come: Christine Schreiber

Yung Ngo
Come: Pfarrer Anh Hung

Jenny Schily
Come: Iris Reichel

Sven Donatius
Come: Rainer Sellien

Jonah Rausch
Come: Adrian

Victoria Trauttmansdorff
Come: Regina Donatius

David Schütter
Come: Ulf

Christina Große
Come: Katharina Finck

Sinha Melina Gierke
Come: Sophia Finck

Ronald Kukulies
Come: Gerd Finck

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