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Anno: 2015
Stato: Terminata
Network: laSexta
Followers: 63 utenti

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Mankind is suffering the biggest exodus in history. 3 billion people from the future have traveled to the present to escape from an imminent global disaster. All the refugees must obey two rules: they must not talk about the future and they must not contact their families. The arrival of the refugees takes everyone by surprise, including the Cruz family. The series centers on their story, the story of Samuel, Emma and little Ani. A shift in their existence after the arrival of a mysterious refugee, Alex, who has an incredible mission that will change their lives, and in order to accomplish his mission, he will not hesitate to do whatever there is to be done: including breaking the rules.
Stagione 1
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Natalia Tena
Come: Emma

Dafne Keen
Come: Anabel

David Leon
Come: Alex

Will Keen
Come: Samuel

Brendan Price
Come: Félix

Gillian Apter
Come: Gloria

Benjamin Nathan-Serio
Come: Christian

Charlotte Vega
Come: Sofía

Gary Piquer
Come: Hugo

Jonathan Mellor
Come: Óscar

Ken Appledorn
Come: Luis

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