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Anno: 2014
Stato: In corso
Network: VH1
Followers: 1 utenti

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VH1 is going back to Cali for the second season of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." Premiering on Monday, September 7 at 8PM*, the new cast is willing to lay it all on the line, striving to leave a permanent mark on the music industry despite sacrifices they may be forced to make. Devoted to pursuing their dreams in both career and romance, these artists must strike a balance between work and play against the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills. This season of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" will explore one of the most complex relationships in franchise history. Miles, a west coast rapper, who was raised with church values bravely faces his truth, when he realizes he's in love with Milan, an openly gay man. The struggle becomes complicated for Miles because his best friend and childhood sweetheart, Amber, is still in love with him. The season follows Miles and Milan's difficult and emotional journey as they deal with the stigmas often associated with intimate relationships between black men in the music industry.
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Teairra Mari
Come: Herself

K. Michelle
Come: Kimberly

Ray J
Come: Himself

Come: Himself

Alexis Skyy
Come: Alexis Skyy

Brooke Valentine
Come: Brooke Valentine

A.D. Diggs
Come: A.D. Diggs

Lyrica Anderson
Come: Lyrica Anderson

Princess Love
Come: Princess Love

Keyshia Cole
Come: Keyshia Cole

Come: Safaree

Chanel West Coast
Come: Chanel West Coast

Masika Kalysha
Come: Herself

Amanda Secor
Come: Herself

Nia Riley
Come: Herself

Morgan Hardman
Come: Herself

Nikki Mudarris
Come: Herself

Moniece Slaughter
Come: Herself

Soulja Boy
Come: Himself

Apryl Jones
Come: Herself

Yung Berg
Come: Himself

Hazel E
Come: Herself

Come: Himself

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