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Anno: 2014
Stato: In corso
Network: Videoland (NL)
Followers: 2 utenti

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A TV drama series for RTL based on the bestseller by Saskia Noort. Peter (Daan Schuurmans) and Eva (Bracha van Doesburgh), a young couple expecting their first child, buy a house in a suburban village. Before they get to move into their new home, they lose their baby girl. Eva has a hard time coping with her loss, while Peter has mixed feelings. The baby wasn't his to begin with. He's infertile and hopes the chapter of having children has now come to an end. Then they meet their new neighbours Rebecca and Steven, a carefree, outgoing couple who help them forget their pain. But are they really who they say they are?
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Daan Schuurmans
Come: Peter Nijhoff

Bracha van Doesburgh
Come: Eva Nijhoff

Beppie Melissen
Come: Wilma

Kay Greidanus
Come: Kik

Sarah Chronis
Come: Sophie

Anneke Blok
Come: Lilly Hoogstraten

Anna Drijver
Come: Victoria

Benja Bruijning
Come: Olivier

Tobias Kersloot
Come: Luc

Tonko Bossen
Come: Raf

Fockeline Ouwerkerk
Come: Anouk

Abbey Hoes
Come: Fay

Tibor Lukács
Come: Milo

Raymond Thiry
Come: Ian

Karina Smulders
Come: Steffi

Fedja van Huêt
Come: Lex

Stefan de Walle
Come: Jasper Hoogstraten

Katja Römer-Schuurman
Come: Rebecca Blok

Thijs Römer
Come: Steef Blok

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