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Anno: 2014
Stato: Terminata
Network: MBC
Followers: 10 utenti

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Being able to see ghosts and other supernatural spirits is a heavy responsibility. Prince Lee Rin (Jung Il-woo), like his father before him, discovers that he has the ability to see ghosts and other supernatural beings. Armed with his newfound abilities, Lee Rin becomes the leader of a group of night watchmen who patrol the streets from dusk to dawn to protect the people of the Chosun Dynasty against evil spirits. Moo-seok (Jung Yun-ho) is the best swordsman in the land who is the prince’s trusty bodyguard. But their loyalties will be tested when they both fall in love with the same woman – Do-ha (Go Sung-hee), the successor of the Ma Go tribe who seeks their help to protect the Baek Do mountain’s spirits. But Park Soo-ryun (Seo Ye-ji), the daughter of a court officer, will stop at nothing to marry Prince Lee Rin. “The Night Watchman,” also known as "Diary of a Night Watchman," is a 2014 South Korean historical drama series directed by Lee Joo-hwan.
Stagione 1
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Jung Il-Woo
Come: Prince Lee Rin

U-Know Yunho
Come: Moo-Seok

Ko Sung-Hee
Come: Do-Ha

Kim Sung-Oh
Come: Psychic Sadam

Seo Ye-Ji
Come: Park Soo-Ryeon

Choi Won-Young
Come: King Haejong

Kang Ji-Woo
Come: Rang-Yi

Kim Heung-Soo
Come: Prince Kisan

Ko Chang-Seok
Come: Minister Ddoong

Lee Jae-Yong
Come: Park Soo-Jong

Lee Se-Chang
Come: Eunuch Song

Yoon Tae-Young
Come: Jo Sang-Heon

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