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DramaFever, in conjunction with producers Cosmic StatioN, brings you the online premiere of The Romantic Movement: SEOUL, a series of short films. A team of South Korean directors, including Kang Chul Woo of Romantic Island and Park Hyun Jin of Lovers of 6 Years (6 Nyeon-jjae Yeonae-jung), each direct one short film following the romantic (mis)adventures of a young woman in Seoul. Based on Swiss writer Alain de Botton’s novel The Romantic Movement, the four short films make up the story of Hyo Rin (“Alice” in the original story), played by actress of the same name Min Hyo Rin (Triple). Hyo Rin must confront the pain of losing love and find the strength to love again. Supporting cast includes Yeo Wook Hwan (Ja Myung Go), Sohn Byung Wook (Private Eye), hip-hop artist Defconn, and Jung Jun Il of rock band Mate. The Romantic Movement: SEOUL My Bloody Valentine, parts one and two My Sweet Blanket, parts three and four The Tarot Players, parts five to nine
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