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Anno: 2013
Stato: Terminata
Network: History
Followers: 4 utenti
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The battle between the Hatfields and McCoys is probably the most famous family feud in American history. Bad blood remains between the families more than a century later. But now the two clans are trying to put the past behind them and come together as the families' descendents have an opportunity that could rewrite history ... or keep their hatred going even longer. With moonshine legal in West Virginia, a liquor executive approaches Jim Quick, a maternal descendent of Randall McCoy, to propose a business partnership with the Hatfields to create a Hatfield and McCoy moonshine. The partnership would require Quick to work with Mark Hatfield, the great-great-great grandson of Devil Anse Hatfield, and the families to share their secret moonshine recipes with each other. This docuseries follows the families as they try to work together in a project that could net them millions.
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