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Anno: 2013
Stato: Terminata
Network: Channel 4
Followers: 89 utenti

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Southcliffe is a British drama series airing on Channel 4. Set in a fictional town on the North Kent Marshes, it employs a nonlinear narrative structure to tell the story of a series of shootings by a local man portrayed by Sean Harris, the cause of these shootings and the effects on the town and residents. It explores tragedy, grief, responsibility and redemption, as seen through the eyes of a journalist returning to the small town of his childhood, to cover the story of the tragedy, and those closest to the victims of the tragedy.
Stagione 1
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Rory Kinnear
Come: David Whitehead

Sean Harris
Come: Stephen Morton

Shirley Henderson
Come: Claire Salter

Anatol Yusef
Come: Paul Gould

Eddie Marsan
Come: Andrew Salter

Hayley Squires
Come: Louise Cooper

Joe Dempsie
Come: Chris Cooper

Kaya Scodelario
Come: Anna Salter

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