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Anno: 2012
Stato: Terminata
Network: SET TV
Followers: 4 utenti

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Luo Si Yi seeks out the obligatory services of Lily, a local fortune teller, but when she receives her fortune she’s unwilling to accept the mystical decree that she’s doomed to be a spinster for life. Si Yi wagers that she’ll get married within a year, and if she wins, Lily must pole dance at her wedding. But should Si Yi fail, she’ll truly make a fortune teller out of Lily: Si Yi will pay her one million dollars. Gussied up for the dating circuit, Si Yi soon finds she’s got a challenge in balancing romance with the demands of her boss Gao Cheng Kuan. Is Cheng Kuang just another cosmic obstacle for Si Yi to overcome, or a blessing in disguise?
Stagione 1
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Puff Guo
Come: Vivian Jiang

Zhao Jun Ya
Come: Eddi/Tang Yi Chun

Tia Lee
Come: Zhong Xiao Ke

Paul Hsu
Come: Guan Sheng Jun

Roy Chiu
Come: Gao Cheng Kuan

Megan Lai
Come: Luo Si Yi

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