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Anno: 2013
Stato: Terminata
Network: Crackle
Followers: 188 utenti

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Lawyer Ian Mitchell is brought into a deadly game when he receives a box that contains a gun and a picture of a stranger. Along with those items, the box includes instructions for Mitchell to kill the pictured individual. After being attacked by another stranger, Mitchell discovers he has been chosen to take part in the lethal contest by a mysterious organization known as The Watchers, a group he must outwit in order to survive and have any chance to return to his previously normal life with his family.
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Milo Ventimiglia
Come: Ian Mitchell

Chad Michael Murray
Come: Jacob Orr

Rose McGowan
Come: Josie Acosta

Brandon Routh
Come: Max Gregory

Caitlin Carmichael
Come: Ellie Mitchell

Nicky Whelan
Come: Laura Mitchell

Brett Davern
Come: Paul

Diedrich Bader
Come: Daniel Easton

Sarah Roemer
Come: Avery Sharp

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