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Anno: 2009
Stato: Terminata
Network: Non disponibile
Followers: 1 utenti

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After getting kicked out from their 24th school for starting fights and couldn't find another school that would accept them, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei thought it's a God send that Liu Bei proposed to be their sworn brothers so they could enroll into the prestigious Dong Han Shu Yuan, a school exclusively for royalty, on the condition that they pay for his tuition. Though they enrolled, it didn't mean they attended the class in peace because they must survive the school's death traps and hostile invasion from warring schools. K.O.3an Guo (traditional Chinese: 終極三國; simplified Chinese: 终极三国; pinyin: zhōng jí sān guó) is a Taiwanese drama starring George Hu, Xiu, Kirsten Ren and three out of four members of Fahrenheit as special guests, who starred in the prequels. The title is pronounced as "K.O.-san-guo". It is the third installment (threequel) of the Zhong Ji (終極) series; preceded by KO One and The X-Family. This series is a spoof of the Chinese historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
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Kirsten Ren (任容萱)
Come: Diao Chan (貂蟬)

Cai Zhi Yun (蔡芷紜)
Come: Da Qiao (大喬)

Wu Xiong (五熊)
Come: Xiao Qiao (小喬)

Nylon Chen (陳乃榮)
Come: Cao Cao (曹操)

Benji (班傑)
Come: Zhao Yun (趙雲)

Bo Yan (博炎)
Come: Zhang Fei (張飛)

Shu Chen (陳德修)
Come: Hu Yan Jue Luo Xiu (呼延覺儸‧脩) Liu Bei (劉備)

George Hu (胡宇崴)
Come: Guan Yu (關羽)

Pets Ceng (曾沛慈)
Come: Sun Shang Xiang (孫尚香)

Shao Xiang (邵翔)
Come: Ma Chao (馬超)

Si Wei Hong Zheng (寺唯宏正)
Come: Huang Zhong (黃忠)

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