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Anno: 2012
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC Three
Followers: 105 utenti

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Bad Education, written by and starring Jack Whitehall, follows Alfie, the worst teacher ever to grace the British education system, and a bigger kid than his students. Despite his obvious shortcomings, Alfie's position at the school is stable thanks to Fraser, the school's headmaster, who tragically longs to be as cool as Alfie. He's the teacher who just wants to be everyone's 'best mate' and is prone to massive and very public mishaps. There's also Miss Gulliver, the school biology teacher and the apple of Alfie's eye. She cares deeply about the school and the students. Deputy headmistress Pickwell is less easy-going. She is an 'old school' teacher and can't stand her younger colleagues. She's a disciplinarian who wants Creationism put back on the syllabus and would prefer a school without children at all!
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Jack Whitehall
Come: Alfie Wickers

Sarah Solemani
Come: Miss Gulliver

Michelle Gomez
Come: Miss Pickwell

Matt Horne
Come: Fraser

Layton Williams
Come: Stephen

Jack Binstead
Come: Rem Dogg

Charlie Wernham
Come: Mitchell

Ethan Lawrence
Come: Joe

Kae Alexander
Come: Jing

Nikki Runeckles
Come: Chantelle

Leila Hoffman
Come: Mollinson

Harry Enfield
Come: Martin Wickers

Jack Bence
Come: Frank Grayson

Weruche Opia
Come: Cleopatra

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