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Anno: 2012
Stato: Terminata
Network: SBS (KR)
Followers: 1 utenti

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Kang Young Gul works his humble stall at the Dongdaemun Market, a crowded fashion district in Seoul known for its cheap clothing and wannabe designers. But he aspires to become a famous fashion designer one day. He gets the support he needs from Lee Ga Young, a confident young woman who shares his aspirations. Will they be able to go from their humble beginnings and achieve success in the dog-eat-dog world of the fashion industry?
Stagione 1
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Yoo Ah-In
Come: Kang Young Gul

Shin Se-Kyung
Come: Lee Ga Young

Lee Je-Hoon
Come: Jung Jae Hyuk

Lee Hye-Sook
Come: Yoon Hyang Sook

Jang Mi-Hee
Come: Madam Jo

Kwon Yu-Ri
Come: Choi Anna

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