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Anno: 2012
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC HD
Followers: 26 utenti

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White Heat is a six-part drama series about the interwoven lives, loves and betrayals of seven characters whose relationships are forged in the white heat of the Sixties through to present day, written for BBC Two by award-winning writer Paula Milne. Passionate, dangerous and compelling, the characters' love stories and friendships are set against a backdrop that takes us from Wilson to Thatcher, feminism to the Falklands, hedonism to HIV - exploring the personal and political journeys which shaped their destinies to make them the people they are today.
Stagione 1
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David Gyasi
Come: Victor

Jessica Gunning
Come: Orla

MyAnna Buring
Come: Lilly

Reece Ritchie
Come: Jay

Sam Claflin
Come: Jack

Claire Foy
Come: Charlotte

Lee Ingleby
Come: Alan

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