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Anno: 2012
Stato: In corso
Network: Paramount Network
Followers: 43 utenti

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Hosted by rock legend Dave Navarro and judged by icons of the tattoo world, Chris Núñez and Oliver Peck, 10 of the country's most creative and skilled tattoo artists descend on NYC to compete for a hundred thousand dollars and the title of INK MASTER. The stakes couldn't be higher with "living canvasses" donating their skin to be permanently marked in this adrenalized competition elimination.
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Oliver Peck
Come: Judge

Chris Núñez
Come: Judge

Dave Navarro
Come: Host

Derrick Verley
Come: Dtatstar

Brandon Allen
Come: Hobo Ink

Marvin Silva
Come: Marvin Silva

Corey Davis
Come: Corey Davis

Cris Gherman
Come: Cris Gherman

Ashley Velazquez
Come: Ashley Velazquez

Picasso Dular
Come: Picasso Dular

Alex Rockoff
Come: Alex Rockoff

Megan Jean Morris
Come: Megan Jean Morris

Anthony Michaels
Come: Anthony Michaels

Brian Stephens
Come: Brian Stephens

Ryan Hadley
Come: Ryan Hadley

Miami Burgess
Come: Miami Burgess

Mat Valles
Come: MV

Earl Noble
Come: Earl Noble

Kito Talbert
Come: Kito Talbert

Mark S. Agee
Come: St. Marq

Cesar Castaneda
Come: Big Ceeze

Marisa LaRen
Come: Marisa LaRen

Dave Clarke
Come: Dave Clarke

Erik Campbell
Come: Erik Campbell

Tyler Nolan
Come: Tyler Nolan

Duffy Fortner
Come: Duffy Fortner

Chris Blinston
Come: Chris Blinston

Dave Kruseman
Come: Dave Kruseman

Damon Butler
Come: Damon Butler

Ashley Bennett
Come: Ashley Bennett

David Bell
Come: David Bell

Randy Vollink
Come: Randy Vollink

Roland Pacheco
Come: Roland Pacheco

Keith Diffenderfer
Come: Keith Diffenderfer

Josh Glover
Come: King Ruck

James Francis
Come: Jim Francis

Kyle Dunbar
Come: Kyle Dunbar

Lydia Bruno
Come: Lydia Bruno

Jay Blondel
Come: Gentle Jay

Melissa Monroe
Come: Melissa Monroe

Sean Patrick Jankowski
Come: Halo

Matti Hixson
Come: Matti Hixson

Walter Frank
Come: Sausage

Scott Marshall
Come: Scott Marshall

Mike Paterek
Come: Mystical Mike

Richard Parker
Come: Made Rich

Frank McManus
Come: Frank McManus

Chris May
Come: Chris May

Madison Loftis
Come: Maddie la Belle

Jime Litwalk
Come: Jime Litwalk

Ally Lee
Come: Ally Lee

Jacqueline Jennings
Come: Jackie

James Harvey
Come: James Danger

Craig Foster
Come: Craig Foster

Kyle Dunbar
Come: Kyle Dunbar

Yovan Barraza
Come: E.S.

Joey Hamilton
Come: Joey Hamilton

Lalo Yunda
Come: Lalo Yunda

Steve Tefft
Come: Steve Tefft

Mike Tacij
Come: Little Mike

Jesse Smith
Come: Jesse Smith

Sebastian Murphy
Come: Sebastian Murphy

Sarah Miller
Come: Sarah Miller

Mark Matthews
Come: Mark Matthews

Cee Jay Jones
Come: Cee Jay Jones

Thomas Halvorsen
Come: TJ Hal

Steven Givens
Come: Kay Kutta

La Ron Givens
Come: La Ron Givens

Nick D'Angelo
Come: Nick D'Angelo

Jamie Davies
Come: Jamie Davies

Clint Cummings
Come: Clint Cummings

Tray Benham
Come: Tray Benham

Josh Woods
Come: Josh Woods

Léa Vendetta
Come: Léa Vendetta

Bili Vegas
Come: Bili Vegas

James Vaughn
Come: James Vaughn

Heather Sinn
Come: Heather Sinn

Brian Robinson
Come: B-TAT

Shane O'Neill
Come: Shane O'Neill

Jeremy Miller
Come: Jeremy Miller

Tommy Helm
Come: Tommy Helm

Al Fliction
Come: Al Fliction

Carolyn Elaine
Come: Carolyn Elaine

Sirvone Smith
Come: Sirvone Smith

John Collins
Come: John Collins

Tito Velez
Come: Tuff Tito

Kevin LaRoy
Come: Kevin LaRoy

Kelly Doty
Come: Kelly Doty

Jason Lawyer
Come: Sketchylawyer

Nikki Simpson
Come: Nikki Simpson

Eric Gonzalez
Come: Eric Gonzalez

Anwon Johnson
Come: Boneface

Matt Murray
Come: Matt Murray

Dave Robinowitz
Come: Dave Robinowitz

Geary Morrill
Come: Geary Morrill

Nate Beavers
Come: Nate Beavers

Gia Rose
Come: Gia Rose

Gian Karle Cruz
Come: Gian Karle Cruz

Mike McAskill
Come: Mike McAskill

Ryan Ashley Malarkey
Come: Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Danger Dave
Come: Danger Dave

Come: Bang

Babiery Hernandez
Come: Babiery Hernandez

Jhon Campuzano
Come: Jhon Campuzano

Mike P
Come: Mike P

Wes Hogan
Come: Wes Hogan

Allisin Riot
Come: Allisin Riot

Jessy Knuckles
Come: Jessy Knuckles

Thom Bulman
Come: Thom Bulman

Derek Zielinski
Come: Derek Zielinski

Carlos Rojas
Come: Carlos Rojas

Aric Taylor
Come: Aric Taylor

April Nicole
Come: April Nicole

Dane Smith
Come: Dane Smith

Ulyss Blair
Come: Ulyss Blair

Eva Huber
Come: Eva Huber

Tatu Baby
Come: Contestant

DJ Tambe
Come: DJ Tambe

Noelin Wheeler
Come: Noelin Wheeler

Christian Buckingham
Come: Christian Buckingham

James Steinke
Come: Cleen Rock One

Katie McGowan
Come: Katie McGowan

Matt O'Baugh
Come: Matt O'Baugh

Aaron Irwin
Come: Bubba

Aaron Is
Come: Aaron Is

Erin Chance
Come: Erin Chance

Doom Kitten
Come: Doom Kitten

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