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Anno: 2012
Stato: Terminata
Network: SVT
Followers: 140 utenti

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What happens when robots become so human that they can barely be distinguished from real people? When they can even be our lovers? Real Humans takes place in a parallel world to our own, in which people´s lives have been completely transformed by the new generation of robots -Hubots. Leo and Niska lead a group of rogue Hubots who are fighting for their independence. During an escape, Leo´s beloved Mimi disappears and Leo leaves the group to find her. At the same time, the Engman family decides to buy a used Hubot, something that has unexpected consequences for the entire family. Warehouse foreman Roger´s life is falling apart. His wife has left him for her Hubot-lover and all of his human coworkers have been replaced by Hubots. Roger decides to start a resistance movement to fight the threat.
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Lisette Pagler
Come: Mimi

Pia Halvorsen
Come: Inger Engman

Johan Paulsen
Come: Hans Engman

Marie Robertson
Come: Bea

Peter Carlberg
Come: Carl

Jimmy Lindström
Come: Malte Koljonen

David Lenneman
Come: Fred

Christopher Wagelin
Come: Max

Karin Bertling
Come: Niska

Emil Almén
Come: Einar

Alexander Karim
Come: Douglas Jarméus

Simon Norrthon
Come: Conny Boresjö

Happy Jankell
Come: Betty

Louise Peterhoff
Come: Cloette

Inga Landgré
Come: Greta Eischer

Rennie Mirro
Come: Bo

Ellen Jelinek
Come: Eva

Sofia Bach
Come: Åsa

Jonas Malmsjö
Come: Luther

Ola Wahlström
Come: Ove Holm

Camilla Larsson
Come: Therese

Saunet Sparell
Come: Marylyn

Shebly Niavarani
Come: Henning

André Sjöberg
Come: Gordon

Johannes Kuhnke
Come: Rick

Thomas W. Gabrielsson
Come: David

Peter Viitanen
Come: Silas

Måns Nathanaelson
Come: Jonas

Anki Larsson
Come: Vera

Fredrik Silbersky
Come: Kevin

Josephine Alhanko
Come: Flash

Kåre Hedebrant
Come: Tobias

Natalie Minnevik
Come: Matilda

Alexander Stocks
Come: Odi

Sten Elfström
Come: Lennart Sollberg

Leif Andrée
Come: Roger Pålsson

Eva Röse
Come: Niska

Andreas Wilson
Come: Leo

Aline Palmstierna
Come: Sofia

Casper Svensson Esteves
Come: Albert

Lars-Erik Berenett
Come: Claes Jarméus

Molly Sehlin
Come: Rebecca Boresjö

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