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Anno: 2011
Stato: Terminata
Network: Anhui TV
Followers: 3 utenti

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Though he is the well-known and meticulous CEO of his family hotel business, Xiang Yunjie actually was once divorced. After graduating from university, he married his university sweetheart, but soon separated from her. Several years later, a young eight-year-old child happens into his life, and Yunjie discovers that the boy is actually his son. Meanwhile, circumstances with a new hotel housemaid, Fang Yongyong, leads the two of them to form a "fake marriage" contract, much to the dismay of Yunjie's younger brother, Xiang Yunchao, who secretly harbours feelings for Yongyong.
Stagione 1
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Mike He
Come: Xiang Yunjie

Janine Chang
Come: Fang Yong Yong

Li Yi Feng
Come: Xiang Yun Chao

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