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Anno: 2010
Stato: Terminata
Network: YouTube
Followers: 10 utenti

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Following a group of dysfunctional adventurers on a quest to discover and destroy the mythical Sword of Fighting, JourneyQuest is a comedic adventure through the fantasy world of Fartherall, where intellectual orcs, incompetent wizards, and holy zombies form the living (and not-so-living) backdrop to an epic story of unrequited love, burning passions, and severely reluctant heroism. And running away. Lots of running away…
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Stagione 3
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Anne Kennedy
Come: Nara

Brian Lewis
Come: Carrow

Christian Doyle
Come: Perf

Emilie Rommel Shimkus
Come: Wren

Kevin Pitman
Come: Glorion

Nathan Rice
Come: Roderick

Bryan Bender
Come: The Watcher (Voice)

Jennifer Page
Come: Warrior Angel

Kevin Inouye
Come: Orc Chaman

Matt Shimkus
Come: Puteck

Samara Lerman
Come: Assassin

Scott C. Brown
Come: Stong Like Bull

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