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Anno: 2011
Stato: Terminata
Network: Tokyo MX
Followers: 9 utenti

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The energetic, long-sleeved, sweets-loving Tooru, finally made it into the same school as her dear childhood friend Run — a flighty, air-headed, klutz, always kind sleepy head. Tooru is very protective of Run, and will not shy away from the use of an aluminium baseball bat — that she always seems to carry around, even in school — to fend off anyone who gets too chummy with Run. Tooru's apparent smaller stature, and younger age by one year (Class 1-7) should thus not fool anyone into underestimating her. Run visits Class 2-4 with her friends the timid, tall and quite busty Yuuko, and the level-headed, glasses-wearing Nagi. Through a series of misunderstandings Tooru sees Yuuko as her rival for Run's affection, and reacts quite violently in her jealousy against Yuuko. Daily life confronts these close friends with all sorts of banal situations, be they in school, in town or at home. But they always pull through... in their own special way.
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Stagione 1
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Uchiyama Yumi
Come: Nagi

Fukuhara Kaori
Come: Run

Chihara Minori
Come: Kitou-sensei

Yuuki Aoi
Come: Tooru

Kotobuki Minako
Come: Yuuko

Matayoshi Ai
Come: Yutaka

Ono Daisuke
Come: Satou-sensei

Saitou Momoko
Come: Miho

Sawashiro Miyuki
Come: Kamade-sensei

Kawano Marina
Come: Mari

Come: Hira-chan

Mizutani Yuuko
Come: Run no Haha

Orikasa Ai
Come: Tooru no Haha

Tamura Mutsumi
Come: Tansan

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