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Anno: 2011
Stato: Terminata
Network: Oxygen
Followers: 152 utenti

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From Ryan Murphy, the creator and Emmy award winning executive producer of "Glee," comes a groundbreaking 10-episode competition series, "The Glee Project" which finds and trains a group of extraordinarily talented performers, who compete against one another to win a guest starring role on "Glee." From thousands of entries, and an exhaustive nationwide talent search, the series uncovers a unique group of artists from both professional and amateur backgrounds, proving every underdog has a fighting chance at stardom.
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Samuel Larsen
Come: Winner

Damian McGinty
Come: Winner

Robert J. Ulrich
Come: Host, Judge, Mentor

Michael Weisman
Come: Michael Weisman

Ali Stroke
Come: Ali Stroke

Blake Jenner
Come: Blake Jenner

Lily Mae Harrington
Come: Lily Mae Harrington

Aylin Bayramoglu
Come: Aylin Bayramoglu

Ryan Murphy
Come: Judge

Zachary Woodlee
Come: Judge, Mentor

Bryce Ross-Johnson
Come: 1st Eliminated

Ellis Wylie
Come: 2nd Eliminated

Emily Vásquez
Come: 3rd Eliminated

McKynleigh Abraham
Come: 4th Eliminated

Matheus Fernandes
Come: 5th Eliminated

Marissa von Bleicken
Come: 6th Eliminated

Cameron Mitchell
Come: 7th Eliminated

Hannah McIalwain
Come: 8th Eliminated

Alex Newell
Come: Runner Up

Lindsay Pearce
Come: Runner Up

Nikki Anders
Come: Mentor

Taryn Douglas
Come: Taryn Douglas

Maxfield Camp
Come: Maxfield Camp

Dani Shay
Come: Dani Shay

Tyler Ford
Come: Tyler Ford

Mario Bonds
Come: Mario Bonds

Charlie Lubeck
Come: Charlie Lubeck

Nellie Veitenheimer
Come: Nellie Veitenheimer

Abraham Lim
Come: Abraham Lim

Shanna Henderson
Come: Shanna Henderson

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