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Anno: 2010
Stato: Terminata
Network: SBS (KR)
Followers: 2 utenti
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This drama tells the story of three siblings who grew up in the 1970's. Lee Kang Mo, his older brother Sung Mo and younger sister Mi Joo were separated at a young age when their father was killed in a smuggling scheme and their mother also died subsequently. When they are able to reunite years later, they had all reached adulthood and are determined to exact revenge upon the people responsible for their misery.
Stagione 1
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Hwang Jung-eum
Come: Mi-joo Lee

Joo Sang-wook
Come: non disponibile

Lee Bum Soo
Come: Lee Kang Mo

Lee Deok-hwa
Come: non disponibile

Moon Hee-kyung
Come: non disponibile

Nam Ji-hyeon
Come: non disponibile

Park Jin Hee
Come: Hwang Jung Yeon

Park Sang Min
Come: Lee Sung Mo

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