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Anno: 2010
Stato: Terminata
Network: KBS TV2
Followers: 2 utenti

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During the Korean War, a vast amount of money disappeared. Now, some 60 years later, the money has reappeared, leading to a frantic chase across the globe. Jin Yi (Lee Na Young) is a seemingly innocent woman who has hidden motives for approaching Ji Woo (Bi). Her plans are complicated by an unexpected romance developing between them, as well as the numerous pursuers hot on their trail. Kieko (Uehara Takako) is a famous Japanese singer who also gets tangled up in a relationship with this man. Little do they know that her father Hiroki (Takenaka Naoto), apart from being a business man, is a powerful Yakuza. In this love triangle, who will finally win the love of Ji Woo?
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Stagione 1
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Bi Rain
Come: Ji Woo

Lee Na Young
Come: Jini

Kim Soo Hyun
Come: Sophie

Lee Jung Jin
Come: Do Soo

Lee Na Young
Come: Jin Yi

Yun Son Ha
Come: Hwang Mi Jin

Sung Dong il
Come: Nakamura Hwang

Daniel Henney
Come: Kai

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