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Anno: 2009
Stato: Terminata
Network: SBS (KR)
Followers: 7 utenti

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Based on the biblical story of Adam and Eve's first two sons, Cain and Abel is about Cain's jealousy towards his brother Abel. Lee Cho-in is a very gifted doctor who has everything that he wants whereas his older brother, Seon-woo, is jealous of all the attention that Cho-in receives. Seon-woo blames his brother for taking everything good in his life away from him. Seon-woo blames Cho-in for getting their father's love, getting more recognition as a doctor, and for stealing the woman he loves.
Stagione 1
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So Ji Sub
Come: Lee Cho In / Oh Gang Ho

Shin Hyun Joon
Come: Lee Seon Woo

Han Ji Min
Come: Oh Young Ji

Chae Jung Ahn
Come: Kim Seo Yeon

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