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Anno: 2009
Stato: Terminata
Network: SBS (KR)
Followers: 6 utenti

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Seo Jung In is the second daughter of a chaebol family, whose family suddenly meets financial ruin. She is dumped by her husband, Lee Han Se, after their wedding ceremony when his family finds out about her family's financial problems. Her family is then left with no other alternative but to move in with their longtime chauffeur's family. The once rich and spoiled daughter and her family must now learn how to adjust to life as commoners in the Kang household.
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Stagione 1
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Cheon Ho Jin
Come: Kang Sang Hoon

Choi Bool Am
Come: Kang Man Bok

Choi Jung Yoon
Come: Seo Jung Gyung

Heo Yoon Jung
Come: Gong Joo Hee

Jung Kyung Ho
Come: Kang Hyun Su

Kang Suk Woo
Come: Seo Jung Gil

Lee Chun Hee
Come: Seo Sung Joon

Lee Min Jung
Come: Seo Jung In

Song Ok Sook
Come: Baek Geum Ja

Jun Hye Jin
Come: Jung Ji Su

Lee Kyu Han
Come: Lee Han Se

Choi Kwon
Come: Park Kyung Soo

Choi Song Hyun
Come: Hong Sun Woo (Hyun Soo's university alumni)

Han Bo Bae
Come: Han Yun Jae

Hong Il Kwon
Come: Han Min Joon

Ji Yoo
Come: BEAT member

Jo Yoon Hee
Come: blind date (cameo)

Jung Min Sung
Come: Secretary Kim

Jung So Nyu
Come: So Nyu

Park Joon Geum
Come: Han Se's mother

Tae Hwang
Come: non disponibile

Yoon Joo Sang
Come: Lee Joon Bae

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