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Anno: 2010
Stato: Terminata
Network: KBS
Followers: 3 utenti
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‘A Troublemaking female cop meets an elite agent!’ Hana is a low ranking cop who is insensible of her duty. Her only goal in life is getting a good life with her troublesome mother. Her day starts and ends with a determined focus on making more money. She abuses her position as a police officer and has no qualms about taking advantage of the status. One day, Hana happens to hinder an operation which was undertaken by the Intelligence Agency, and she comes across the intelligence agent Jin-hyeok, a man of strict work ethics, rules and principles. From that day on, Hana’s life started to go awry.
Stagione 1
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Kim Sang Kyung
Come: Go Jin Hyuk

Lee Soo Kyung
Come: Oh Ha Na

Come: Choi Eun Seo

Ryu Jin
Come: Han Do Hoon

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