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Anno: 2010
Stato: Terminata
Network: Tokyo Broadcasting System
Followers: 23 utenti

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Blessed with good looks, Takano Kyohei, a college student, is always suffering from the unreasonable behaviour of customers who want him and the sexual harassment of his store manager. Because of his hot temper, he loses his head on this occasion and is fired from his part-time job. Then one day, the glamorous owner, Ms Nakahara proposes, “I’ll give you free board-and-lodging if you can turn my niece, Sunako, into a lady!” Kyohei and Toyama Yukinojo, Oda Takenaga and Morii Ranmaru, the other guys living together in the same boarding house, are enthusiastic, but the person who appears before the four of them is a spooky girl whose hair covers her face and who loves horror and vampires. And so, their tumultuous communal life begins...
Stagione 1
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Oomasa Aya
Come: Nakahara Sunako

Kamenashi Kazuya
Come: Takano Kyohei

Tegoshi Yuya
Come: Toyama Yukinojo

Takashima Reiko
Come: Nakahara Mine

Kanbe Ranko
Come: Kasahara Noi

Kato Seishiro
Come: Nakahara Takeru

Hamada Tatsuomi
Come: young Ranmaru

Miyao Shuntaro
Come: Morii Ranmaru

Uchi Hiroki
Come: Oda Takenaga

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