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Tara Strong
Ha recitato in 37 serie tv:
Ultimate Spider-Man
Gotham Girls
Beware the Batman
The Fairly OddParents
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Drawn Together
Tales From the Cryptkeeper
Ben 10
Extreme Ghostbusters
Ben 10: Omniverse
Xiaolin Showdown
The New Batman Adventures
Xiaolin Chronicles
Lloyd in Space
Golan the Insatiable
Justice League Action
Young Justice
Samurai Jack
Oggy and the Cockroaches
Transformers: Animated
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High
Inspector Gadget (2015)
The Powerpuff Girls
Teen Titans
Johnny Test and Teenage Powerpuff Girls
The Super Hero Squad Show
Bravest Warriors
The Proud Family
Legion of Super Heroes
Ben 10 (2016)
Teen Titans Go!